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TOP 50 Startups 2023: Green CONSTRUCTION

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

CEMEX Ventures has named us one of the Top 50 Contech Startups of 2023 redefining the construction technology ecosystem! 🏗️ We are thrilled to be featured on this list along with other trailblazers in the industry!

Technically and economically, it is now clearer than ever that green hydrogen will play a critical role in industries like construction to decarbonize their operations towards a net-zero society to figh climate change. 2023 and beyond, more exciting advancements will be ahead of us!

One "tool" that Hydrogen has as a swiss knife for net zero is to decarbonize industries such as construction. We are glad that CEMEX Ventures recognize that and actively supports the green hydrogen economy!

2022 data reveals a promising year ahead for technologies that boost productivity, enforce radical efficiency, and make the #FutureOfConstruction a reality today. We conclude our #TOP50 2023 list by presenting the startups building a better planet with robotics & machine assisted applications 🤖, advanced building materials 🧱 & industrialized construction methodologies 💡. Discover the 12 revolutionary solutions 👉

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