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Thermochemical Water Splitting Cu-Cl Cycle

Why We Need It

Thermochemical water splitting hydrogen production technologies are recognized by the US Department of Energy as essential hydrogen production pathways to achieve net zero. 

Hydrogen has the highest energy-to-weight ratio as an energy carrier. To produce such a high energy-dense product, the energy source has to come from other available energy forms. Conventional green hydrogen production technologies use water electrolysis to produce hydrogen. However, electricity also needs to be generated from other forms of energy, and renewable energy to produce green electricity is still expensive and not widely available.

CleanInnoGen focuses on a chemical technology that produces hydrogen using cheaper and more readily available heat. All the outset we will get this heat from high-temperature industries. In the long term, this allows us to tap into the ultimate sustainable energy source we have on the planet, such as solar heat and geothermal, which enables the hydrogen economy for generations to come.

A Pathway to Net Zero  with Low Cost Green Hydrogen

How It Works

CleanInnoGen Technology_edited.png
  • Chemical reagent Copper 2 chloride (CuCl2) is recycled in the reactions

  • Consume less electricity than a water electrolyzer

  • Thermal Energy drives major reactions

  • Operate at a moderate-high temperature of 525 degrees

  • Consuming up to 65% less electricity relative to water electrolyzers

A fully regenerative chemical process without CO2 emission

Our Technology is

Validated in Lab

A lab-scale of 100g/d of H2 demonstrated successfully at the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL)

Low Operational Cost

Consuming up to 65% less electricity relative to water electrolyzers


Zero-emission through our process and powered by renewable heat sources only


With a highly modular design and being sector agnostic, CleanInnoGen is embedded with scalability

Working with us

We are partnering with organizations looking to lead the charge in finding clean, cost-effective ways to power their industrial processes while reducing their carbon footprint.

Be among the world’s first to deploy CleanInnogen’s breakthrough technology and drive the change to achieve net zero!

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