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Waste Heat to Hydrogen

Decarbonize heavy industry with on-site green hydrogen and oxygen

Take heat utilization to a new level by creating high-value hydrogen and oxygen on-site for heavy industry



On-site Waste Heat to Hydrogen Process

CleanInnoGen is developing a first-of-its-kind on-site waste heat-to-hydrogen process to decarbonize heavy industry. By capturing underutilized waste heat, CleanInnoGen produces hydrogen and oxygen for displacing high GHG-intensity fuel and/or chemical feedstocks, improving combustion, carbon capture etc. 

Tech Image - On-Site.png

Working with us

We are partnering with organizations looking to lead the charge in finding clean, cost-effective ways to power their industrial processes while reducing their carbon footprint.

Be among the world’s first to deploy CleanInnogen’s breakthrough technology and drive the change to achieve net zero!

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