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Decarbonizing Heavy Industry with On-Site Waste Heat to Hydrogen Systems

Unleash the most underutilized resource of energy in the world

Leaves Shadow

 Applying 40+ years of R&D experience to address climate change

The Product of science, engineering, and business
Affordable Clean H2 & O2

Thanks to our innovative on-site production of clean H2 and O2, the cost can be significantly reduced compared to other green H2 and O2 on the market.  

Save Fuel Costs

Harvest waste heat to improve fuel efficiency. Get extra energy with hydrogen. Oxyfuel not only reduces fuel cost but also improves carbon capture.

Carbon Tax

Reduce your costs and hedge against the carbon tax increase. Currently taxed at $55/ton Co2 in 2022 and +$15 a year up to $170/ton in 2030.  

Minimum Changes

Our customer-first philosophy prioritizes the value of clients' business and adapts state of art design to minimize the intervention to clients' processes.

State of the Art Technology​

  • ​​Consume only 20-25% of Electricity vs Water Electrolyzers

  • Produce High-Quality H2 and O2

  • Heat is recycled within the cycle

Low OPEX for High RoI​​

  • Modular design to support scale-up

  • Highly digitalized and smart operations to lower maintenance

  • Low utility and material cost

Become a Partner

We are partnering with organizations looking to lead the charge in finding clean, cost-effective ways to power their industrial processes while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint.
Be among the world’s first to deploy CleanInnogen’s breakthrough technology.


Executive Team

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Victoria Xu
Co-Founder & CEO

10+ years of Tech Product Development & Management in global leading telecom companies, 8+ years of tech startup experience

  • LinkedIn
Terry Kimmel
VP of Business Development

25+ years of Hydrogen Industry Executive Experience, Former President of Canadian Hydrogen Association

  • LinkedIn
Andrew Watson
VP of Engineering

20+ years of Oil & Gas Industry Engineering and Management Experience

Advisory Team

Ella Mar_edited_edited.png
Ella Mar
  • LinkedIn

Specialized in bringing strategic planning into the realm of clear manageable execution plans. With decades of experience in strategy, operations, marketing, technology, professional services, sales support, finance, and human resources. She has managed teams and worked with customers across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Jeff Blacklock
  • LinkedIn

Specialized in execution in late-stage companies, Jeff complements the team with his rich experience in how to avoid big mistakes that early-stage startups often fall into. With his hands-on entrepreneurial experience in both technology and management, he is a real value add to the company for a good start. 


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