Turn Waste Heat Into Carbon Credits, H2 and O2 Onsite.

Lower fuel cost and Carbon Taxes


Developed by Researchers from Ontario Tech University since 2006 with support from

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Commercialization Effort is proudly supported by

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Applying 40+ years of R&D experiences to address climate change

The Product of science, engineering, and business


Affordable Clean H2 & O2

Thanks to our innovative on-site production of clean H2 and O2, the cost can be significantly reduced compared to other green H2 and O2 on the market.  


Save fuel costs

Get extra heat with energy-dense hydrogen and improve fuel efficiency. Use oxygen to enhance combustion and offset fossil fuel burning.


Earn Co2 Credits

Reduce your costs and hedge against the carbon tax increase. Currently taxed at $40/ton Co2 in 2021 to $50 in 2022 and +$15 a year up to $170/ton in 2030.  


Minimum changes to   business

We install equipment and take care of maintenance and operation optimization.

State of the Art Technology

  • ​​20-25% less Electricity vs Electrolysis

  • Produce High-Quality H2 and O2

  • Heat is recycled within the cycle

No client risk business model

  • We pay for the initial system 

  • Smart AI and remotely operated

  • Only pay for discounted green H2, O2 & CO2 Credit

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How it works



  • We evaluate the site

  • We design a adaptor to harness the heat

  • We design the feeding system for the Hydrogen and Oxygen used on site

  • We deliver the whole system

  • We connect the system with heat, electricity and water at the hosting site 

  • We calibrate the system with collaboration from hosting clients 

  • We operate and maintain the equipment

  • We pay for utility cost (electricity and water)

  • We bill for H2, O2 and Co2 credits only






Executive Team


Victoria Xu

CoFounder & CEO

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Ms. Victoria Xu is an angel investor with Capital Angel Network. Dedicated to investing in impact-driven tech startups, she has been applying her 20+ years of experience in software, hardware, technology management to support early-stage startup ecosystems through various non-profit and for-profit organizations.  At CleanInnoGen, she leads the commercialization efforts by connecting scientists, engineers, industry, businesses, and investors.


Dr. Kamiel Gabriel

CoFounder and Chief Scientist

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Dr. Kamiel Gabriel is a Professor of Engineering and Applied Science at Ontario Tech University with 30+ years of experience in R&D activities related to clean energy and energy conservation technologies. Dr. Gabriel is one of the key inventors of thermochemical Hydrogen production technology using waste/process heat. He has been an advocate for hydrogen innovation for almost two decades and is one of the founding members of the Pan-Canadian  Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association. Dr. Gabriel is an elected Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering and a frequently invited speaker at national and international forums.

Advisor Team

Terry Kimmel

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With decades of experience in the hydrogen and fuel cell industry, Terry brings his wide range of connections in the industry and insight into early-stage cleantech startup growth to the team. Terry served as the Vice-President of the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association from 2009-2012. Prior to that, he was the head of business development at NRC for 10 years. 


Jeff Blacklock

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Specialized in execution in late-stage companies, Jeff complements the team with his rich experience in how to avoid big mistakes that early-stage startups often fall into. With his hands-on entrepreneurial experience in both technology and management, he is a real value add to the company for a good start.