Decarbonizing Heavy Industry with On-Site Waste Heat to Hydrogen Systems

Unleash the most underutilized resource of energy in the world


Tapping into the ultimate renewable heat source and achieving net-zero with state-of-art heat to hydrogen technologies

Our Solution

On-site Waste Heat to Hydrogen systems

CleanInnoGen is developing a first-of-its-kind on-site waste heat to hydrogen system to decarbonize heavy industry. By capturing their underutilized waste heat, CleanInnoGen produces hydrogen and oxygen for displacing high GHG intensity fuel and chemical feedstocks.

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At CleanInnoGen, we are dedicated to bringing one of the most energy-efficient technologies for green hydrogen production for decarbonizing heavy industry.

Hydrogen doesn’t exist in its pure form on the planet. It has the highest energy to weight ratio as an energy carrier. To produce such high energy-dense product, the energy has to be turned from other sources of energy that exist. Conventional green hydrogen production technologies use electricity to split water.


CleanInnoGen focuses on technologies that produce hydrogen using heat which is cheaper and more readily available. In the long term, this allows us to tap into the ultimate sustainable energy source we have on the planet such as solar heat and geothermal, which enables the hydrogen economy for generations to come.


Our Technology is

Validated in Lab

A lab-scale of 100g/d of H2 demonstrated successfully at Ontario Tech University

Low Operational Cost

Consuming up to 80% less electricity required relative to water electrolyzers


Zero-emission through our process and powered by renewable heat sources only


With a highly modular design and being sector agnostic, CleanInnoGen is embedded with scalability

Working with us

We acknowledge the ecosystem’s collaboration to fight climate change.


We are partnering with organizations looking to lead the charge in finding clean, cost-effective ways to power their industrial processes while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint.

Be among the world’s first to deploy CleanInnogen’s breakthrough technology and drive the change to achieve net-zero!


Our Team

Victoria Xu
  • LinkedIn

CEO & Founder

  • Impact entrepreneur & angel investor with 8+ years of early-stage tech startups

  • 10+ years of R&D with top telecom corporations

  • MS in Biomed Eng. & Public Mgmt

Dr. Forest Wang
  • ResearchGate_edited

Chief Scientific Officer

  • Key scientist on the lab demo

  • 20+ years of research experience in green hydrogen production, ammonia combustion, solar energy etc. 

  • Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering

Terry Kimmel
  • LinkedIn

VP of Business Development

  • Former President of Canadian Hydrogen Association

  • Global hydrogen economy advocates 

  • 25+ years of Hydrogen industry executive experience

  • BS of Chemistry

Andrew Watson
  • LinkedIn

VP of Engineering

  • 20+ years of energy industry engineering and management 

  • CleanTech EiR with Foresight Canada

  • BS of Mechanical Engineering

  • LinkedIn
Michael McSweeney


  • Former CEO of Cement Association of Canada for 15 years since 2007

  • 20+ years of experience in all levels of government.

  • LinkedIn
Ella Mar


  • Invest Ottawa Advisor specialized in Strategy & Corp Governance

  • 25+ years of executive experience in global tech corporations

  • LinkedIn
Jeff Blacklock


  • 15+ year management experience in innovative tech companies

  • Expertise in Startups, corporate restructuring, PE and M&A for hard tech companies

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